Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Motivation

So lover and I are going to Aruba for our 1 year wedding anniversary. This alone has given me motivation to get "in shape" and loose a couple pounds. Last time this year, I was working out like a mad woman. Our wedding was at the end of May and I was determined to be in the best shape of my life.

I did a boudoir shoot in March of last year,  it was Lover's wedding present. Today I came across the photo's and this has pushed me to next level of determination.
Golf is Lover's other "wife" seriously he gets so excited about golfing. I honestly dont get it, but just like he doesn't get shopping, and fashion. I guess golfing is like my love for fashion, shopping and martini's... LOL.

I have a gym at my work here, so I take as many classes as I can. I work out atleast 5 times a week. The classes I take are Cardio boot camp, kick boxing, Total body conditioning, and Circuit training. The days that I cant take a class I just do some cardio. I AM determined ladies.

So what pushes/gives you determination to get fit?

PS: For those ladies that havent done a boudoir shoot. DO IT! It was so much fun. It was a TOTAL confidence booster. After getting the pictures back I felt like I was a fucking rockstar, and was shooting for Maxim magazine. If anyone has question's for me about it just shoot me an email.


Angeline said...

love it! so hot! I think you still look that good girl!

Anonymous said...

my motivation is...summer is coming and with that comes bikini season LOL

PS I left a surprise for you on my blog :)

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my gosh, seriously, girl you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure my husband would love a buduior picture OF YOU, not me. (just kidding, I bet he would love one of me). I need the gym way more than I ever wished I would. Trust me, babies are the best thing in the world but my tummy just isn't flat like that anymore.

Did you ever see Christmas Vacation? (I'm so sure you have). When cousin Eddie says something about the metal plate in his head and if he sleds and hits his head then "my hair just aint gonna look right".
Yah well thats my body. It just aint gonna look right in a bikini this year. I have some work to do. But you look great.

Anonymous said...

my wedding in july.. nobody likes a fatty in a bikini... :) your so skinny.. you dont need to work out :)

Kendra said...

You are a hottie!!! Me on the other hand, I will be skipping bikini's this year being it looks like a tiger attacked me belly and it can dance on its own.

Mrs. C said...

My movitivation is my B-pics in june ::ahh can't wait!!!!:: and then our cruise in July - After that it's all about TTC so losing as much as I can now I know will be beneficial so that way I can give myself some pregnancy slack.

Juliana said...

I really want to do a shot like that. You are very beautiful and I am sure you will get right back into that shape again very soon!

Nicole P. said...

WOW GIRL. You're HOT! And I've gotten out of the working out thing the past couple of weeks, because I got a promotion and I've been working 40+ hours a week. I've been drained. But I had to come by and read your blog, I feel like I haven't read or talked to you in FOREVER.

Your gift card is coming soon, I honestly haven't had time to get to the mall, but I will this weekend/ASAP.