Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hump day & Mid Week Update

So this week has been going pretty well, I cannot wait until the weekend is here. For awhile now I have been having some crazy ass dreams about this friend of mine. I had a MAJOR crush on him, like first love crush when I was a teenager. Then at somepoint we ended up being really good friends, talked on the phone flirted alittle, hung out etc. He never liked me in that "way" other then just being friends. Which I gladly accepted, who wouldnt right?

We never kissed or fooled around, but I just always had a love for him on a friend level and on the more then a friend level. About 2 years ago I had run into him at a local gas station, (Havent seen him in like 10 years)I had pulled in and recognized him and his truck. But pretended I hadnt seen him. I backed in to get gas, got out of my car and swiped my card and started pumping. My heart was RACING.. I didnt know if I should say hi or what to do. About 2 weeks prior his brother had passed away in a construction accident I was away that weekend (got engaged) so I wasnt able to attend the services. So I really didnt know what to say or do.

While standing there I could see his reflection on my car and he kept on peeping over to look at me. So I composed myself and peeped over and said hello. We talked for a matter of 5 minutes and that was it. Ever since I saw him 2 years ago he will pop into my dreams. I dont get it!!!! I havent seen him or talked to him since.

On another note, Lover and I have decided to get our place ready to put on the market!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh I will be honest I am super nervous, excited, scared pretty much all of the above. Wish us luck! Have a great Hump Day!