Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Ramblin's......

TGIFF!!!!! Boy was this week a brutal one. Any plans this weekend? Tonight Lover and I will be grabbing a drink or two after work, then home to watch Due Date. Tomorrow I'm planning on working out, tanning, then heading to the mall to find a FABULOUS outfit for my girl's night in NYC!!!! It is next friday... cannot freakin wait!!!!! Ahhhh I hope I find something that is just perfect.

Then we are going over the in-law's later in the afternoon. Saturday night I am going over a friends house. We started a book club, and I was SUPPOSED to read the book but I have been so busy I did'nt. It is the girl with the dragon tattoo. Has anyone read it?

Sunday I will be going over my sister's house to go over somethings for her baby shower that I am helping throw for her. It's going to be such a amazing shower, I cannot wait!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!