Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top Two Tuesday..Random facts about me.....&

Since Taylor at Undomestic Momma posted this weeks Top Tuesday... I seriously have been racking my brain on what random facts I would share with you all.

Okay here is one, I lived in Mississippi for a month and a half about 7 years ago. I was with my ex-boyfriend at the time, and my lease was up on my studio apartment. At the time I had just recently gotton back together with him, we broke up for awhile, he had cheated on me, etc etc. It was all I knew, you know those relationships your just in it cause its all you know. I didnt love him anymore but, so yeah moved down south with him. His mother lived there, and one day I was just like im done, im going back to CT. I packed up my far with my TV in the passenger seat and drove back to CT.

I have this little squishy pillow that I ALWAYS have to sleep with. Its like a security blanket to me. And I always have it like right on my stomach, it's wierd.

The link to Taylor's blog is up top, check it out!

For those of you interested in finding out which one was me in the pictures below....here are the answers!