Monday, April 5, 2010

What's in my bag?

I have seen other fellow bloggers do this, and found it quite interesting. I dont know about you but I do find myself sometimes out and about, wondering what some women carry in there bags. As most of you know I am a recent owner of a Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. I cannot tell you how much I LOOOOOVEEEEEEEE my bag. It is a MUST to own.

My days of Coach bags are ova. Well .... I wouldnt say that, Im sure I will find cute things here and there. But NOTHING compares to owning a LV. Here are a couple other LV's that I have my "eye" on, and are on my "lifetime" wishlist. Which actually makes me think, that would be a good post in the near future. We all have things on our "wishlist's", and to me always seems to be things we are wishing for right NOW. What about those item's, or things in your life that may not be attainable right now but definitely in your lifetime. Here are the new "loves" :

Tivoli PM $1000.00

Alma MM in Bleu Nuit color or Pomme D'Amour (red) $2010.00
(My girl Angeline over at Confessions of a Miami Shopoholichas one.... that BIATCH!!! LOL jk. xoxo

Neverfull MM Daimer-$700.00

Anyways, enough of my ramblings... here is what is in my bag:

Coach Makeup Case

My Betsy Johnson makeup holder

Coach wallet

Pretty much all my makeup that is in the BJ bag, and Coach makeup bag


My lipstick/gloss holder. My two fav's are vickies, and MAC

My keys
So what's in your bag beauties?!

Easter weekend pictures....

How was everyone's Easter? We had such beautiful weather here in CT. I got out of work early on Thursday, so I did a couple arrands then did some cleaning at home. Baked a nice dinner for Lover, and relaxed. I had good friday off so did Lover, so he went golfing the whole day, I slept in... woot woooot!!!!!! Then I went over to help my BFF (the one that her husband passed recently).

Saturday I went over to my inlaws and made some yummy homemade pierogies. They came out sooooo good. I made my easter cupcakes on sunday morning, I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures of them :O(.

However I did get some really cute pictures my niece and nephew doing the easter egg hunt!!! Enjoy!!

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