Monday, March 29, 2010

Where's Mrs.T?

Okay here are three VERY OLD, pictures taken when I was young. So embarrassing...but we all go through a awkward stage... right? Seemed like mine lasted a bit longer then usual.. LOL.

So go ahead, see if you can pick me out of these pictures! And for those of you that have seen these (you know who you are), you can't guess... sorry!

I'm Back and ABC's

Hey beauties! How was everyone's weekend? Ughh I so didn't want to go to work today. It's cold, and rainy here. But we are supposed to have some GORGEOUS weather this weekend! Lover and I have friday off....Woooot Wooooooot!!! It is supposed to be 77, so he will be doing some golfing on Friday and I may go hit up this shopping center called "Evergreen Walk" They have a couple regular named stores, but they have some boutiques there...and Francesca's Collection :O)

My friend Mrs.C did the ABC thing awhile back, and Taylorjust did a post of her ABC's so I thought... hell why not?

A. Age- 27....going to be 28 in September... hollllla to my Virgo's!!!

B. Bed size- We have a queen, and its perfect. Dont get me wrong I love going away and we get a king in the hotel room. But I love being so close to Lover, and sometimes I need to be touching him to be able to fall asleep.

C. Chore you hate- ALL OF THEM. LOL... I would say putting all my clothes away. I have a tendency of never putting them away as soon as I take them off, I just throw them on the floor or on a chair.

D. Dog's name- Dont got one

E. Essential start of the day-Snuggling in Lover's "nook" in the morning

F. First job- I worked in a fileroom at a radiology center

G. Gold or Silver- Gold (white)

H. Height- 5'6''

I. Instrument you play- It's called the Rabbit... I say no more....

J. Job Title- Senior Portfolio Analyst

K. Kids- Hopefully soon! :O)

L. Living arrangements- Living with Lover, in our townhouse. We love it, but we are hoping to get a house in the near future

M. Mom's name-Susan

N. Nicknames- M, Mand

O.Overnight hospital stay- Birth

P. Pet peeve- People that arent driving fast in the FAST LANE

Q. Quotes- "Life is what you make it" "Everything happens for a reason"

R. Righty or Lefty-Righty

S. Siblings- Sister (23), Sister (20), Sister (16), Sister (11)

T. Time you wake up- 6:30

U. Underwear- Sometimes commando, Vickies

V. Vegetables you dislike- Brussel Sprouts

W. Workout- 5 times a week. I take circuit training classes, kickboxing, cardio boot camp, Total body conditioning classes

X. Xray- Teeth and my back

Y. Yummy food you make- Im a baker, so anything I bake is freakin awesome

Z. Zoo animal you like- Hmmm I would say penguins. They crack me up

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