Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got's my hair did.......

I apologize for my appearance, it is the end of my work day and im EXHAUSTED.

Anyways....sooooo what do you all think!?!?!??!!? Honest opinions! I will be honest, I knew because how dark my hair was, that in one appointment it wasn't going to be BLONDE BLONDE. Like I am in my profile picture, and wedding pictures. But I thought I would have been a little bit lighter!!!!!!!?!?!?

My hair chick said that she put in as many foils as she could. I mean I like it, but to me Im still brunette but just with highlights.

Lover was so confused when I got home. I think he was under the impression I was going to be my blonde self like around our wedding. NOT SO MUCH sweets!!!!

A FABULOUS giveaway!!!!!

There has been some AMAZING giveaways on some of the blogs that I follow. This one is the

Neely over at Chronicles of Neely

Check it out you know you want to!!!!!!!!!!

Top two Tuesday....Names

Top two favorite names.......

Girl- Madison.We love love love this name for a girl.

Boy- Joshua.Just perfect.