Monday, February 21, 2011

It's been Awhile.....

I know I have lost quite a few followers, but I am so happy to see that I still have each and every one of you that are here!!!! I have TRULY missed blogging. Boy It has been a very long time....alot has been going on while I was gone. And I really should have atleast said that I was going to be taking a for that I am very sorry.

Work last year became very overwhelming for me, TTC was a very big part of our lives...and with every month that went by and we still werent pregnant, ughhhh. Let me just say I was defintely closing myself off to everyone, and just wasnt in a happy place.

Now here we are today, the hubs and I finally went and saw a RE aka Infertility Doctor. I did a bunch of tests, the hubs did his thing. And we find out that we both have some infertility issues. So we are moving straight to IVF.

I don't want to make my first post back long, and depressing. But I just would like to say "I AM BACK!!!", and I am so happy to see that you all are still here and "following".

PS: Boy does this feel good!!!!