Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Okay here it is.......

Unfortunately I am not pregnant.... BUT we are TRYING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!!!! Yup that is the exciting announcement!!!!! I havent spilled this on my blog AT ALL. Like I said a couple friends, and close girlfriends know. I feel so relieved!!!!

I stopped BC in October 2009. It's been quite a ride since then. Not getting AF for more then 60 days. Then going on provera to get my period. After that, I got my period in like 32 days. I was supposed to start charting, taking temp, checking CM and all that jazz but I have been super lazy about it. I have however been doing OPK, and drinking green tea and pomagranate juice from CD 1 to O day.

Anyways... I am hoping this ride is a short one. Wish us luck!!!!

Oh and here are more pictures of me and my FABULOUS bag! And a new outfit I got, that I am thinking I will be wearing this weekend in Newport!

BCBG Textured Power Skirt
BCBG Fitted top with shoulder pads

Top Two Tuesday...Celeb Styles

This weeks Top Two Tuesday is "Celeb Style". This I have to say is my TOP favorite Tuesday's ever!!!!!!

Taylor I SWEAR im not copying you!! My first choice and #1 is Rachel Zoe

I am HUGE fan of hers. Watched her TV shoe "The Rachel Zoe Project", subscribed to her website, check out her "picks" all the time
over at piperlime, and dont forget QVC.

Her pieces that she wears are just abosolutely stunning. The outfits she puts together are just so extremely fabulous. Every time I watched her show I pretended I was Taylor working for her... LOL.

#2 Celeb style... which is a tough one for me. Eva Longoria Parker.

I always look forward to seeing her on Desperate as well as in real life. She look's stunning in all those fabulous dresses that she wears. I would LOOOOOOOVE to raid her closet. A tied second (I know, Im cheating.... Victoria Beckham. Seriously... I dont think I have to explain why)

Happy Tuesday Loves!! Check out Taylor's blog!!!