Friday, April 8, 2011

"What's New with Mrs.T?"

Work, Work, and some more work. I have been so busy lately, it's not even funny. We also have been getting ready to start our process with TTC. We aren't planning on telling anyone except for our parents. I sure hope this work's for us. So we need as many thoughts and prayers we can get!!

I  have been planning my sister's baby shower, which is next weekend. I love planning parties, so I definitely have been having fun doing this :)

I have been on a look out for spring and summer clothes, I defintely need a complete update of my wardrobe. Some cute shoes,wedges, maxi dresses...the whole nine!!!!

There are quite a bit of pictures that I want to post with you all, within the past year. Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. And I promise I will be blogging more. So please dont leave now!!!

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Neely said...

I bet planning a baby shower is so fun!