Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SATC Premiere, Carrie's look 4 less & Mid-Week Updates

The SATC 2 premiere was in NYC Monday night, what I would have done to be able to have been present at this event. I watched a hour's worth of it online yesterday. Then on TV last night and this morning. Everyone was just filled with excitement, and love for all the SATC fan's. The foursome came looking gorgeous, glamourous and fierce in there designer gowns.

SJP looks absolutely stunning in this yellow Valentino gown. It fit her perfectly, she really pulled it off. She mentioned in a interview that she has to give up the dress the next morning and it was being shipped back to London. Hey I woud'nt mind wearing a Valentino gown for a couple of hours!!!!!

She then changed into this lovely dress for the after party by Elie Saab. SJP I love you!!

Kim looked like goddess in this sleek Naeem Khan gown. Great Choice Kim!

Kristen looked SMOKING in both dresses she wore. In a article I have read recently she has been working very hard on her body lately.. and quite frankly you can see it. She wore a fabulously pink Jean Desses wrap gown, and for the after party she shimmered in vintage Pierre Balmain Couture.

Cynthia looked sleek and classy in Caroline Herrera, loving the longer hair Cynthia!

Amongst the guests of honor Petra Nemcova, Jennifer Love, Amanda Peet, Whitney Port and many others attended this fabulous premiere.

If you are like me and are having sleepless nights over what the heck you are going to wear to see SATC 2, well look no furthur!!! I have found one of Carrie's look's in the movie for less!!!!

As for my week, it's going okay. More then anything I am just looking forward to SATC 2, I did get a bonus this week, but unfortunately I will be seeing NONE of it. Going to our credit card bill which has gotton waaaaay out of control. Freakin sucks, but I guess that is life right?
I am looking forward to the long weekend ahead, and our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary!!!!!! May 30th, ... baby!!! So we are planning on going out to dinner either Friday or Sat night. Crossing my fingers that my work will let us out early on Friday.. that would be SWEEEEEEEEEET!!! Anyways hope everyone is doing well, and yes when I get some free time I will post our Aruba pictures. Happy Hump Day!


Meant to be a mom said...

I love this post!!! All of the women look GORGEOUS as usual of course.
I love Sarah's yellow dress.

I don't get to go see the movie until next Tuesday :(
But I will definitely see it.

I love the dress you picked out to go see it. You'll look gorg.

Also I'm hoping my work will let us go early tomorrow also. CROSSING FINGERS FOR BOTH OF US :)

Kristin said...

Happy early anniversary lady!! Love the Carrie inspired look!!

Neely said...

Where have you been lady???

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