Monday, April 12, 2010

~Wknd Recap~

Monday... seriously? Really? Already?!?!?!!? So my weekend was really nice. Friday night Lover and I went to the movies and saw Hot Tub Time Machine. I love when you dont have high expectations on a movie and you come outta there LOVING the movie. Seriously it was so freakin funny, I was cracking up throughout the whole movie.

Saturday I worked out in the morning and then met up with my BFF Cheryl for lunch. Then went home, took a nap and started getting ready and pre-gaming it up before we headed to the Gala. We had such a blast, I ended up wearing the brown taffetta dress. The wierd thing was that I have been so pumped about this night, and getting all dressed up. However, I just wasnt "feeling" it, I felt gross, fat and ughhh just BLA. Dont get me wrong like I said we had such a great time, once we got there I put that all behind me and ate, drank and danced it up.

Oh and I broke our camera, yup you heard it right. It was the first picture I took that night, and it falls right out of my hand on the floor. Ughh....... so I wasnt able to take any pictures for the rest of the night!!!!

Sunday, HANGOVER CITY... so we just layed low and relaxed. Watched the movie Brothers and Did you hear about the Morgan's on demand. I LOVED Did you hear about the Morgan's,... I love SJP and I thought it was a super cute movie.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Wow sounds like a busy weekend for you guys. I hope you get your camera fixed. Oh and I will have to check out that Morgan's movie. I wanted to see it a while back and never did.