Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life to me is like a Falling Leaf.....

Remember that part in Forrest Gump were he is sitting on the park bench at the end of the movie and there is that leaf falling ever so gently in the wind?

That is how I interpret life. A leaf continuing to fly throughout the air. Traveling to different places, exploring the world.

Sometimes your leaf gets hit with some strong winds, that make it go out of control. Those to me are the hard times that we go through in life. The difficult financial times, relationship struggles, figuring who YOU are and what is your purpose?, troubled friendships, and loosing someone you deeply love that was close to you. 

When we go through the "strong wind" period we only hope that the strong winds will subside then the gentle, soft wind's will pick us up and carry us onto good things. Sometime's that "strong wind" period turn's into a storm were it's raining and we dont think its ever going to get better, because its only getting worse. Our hope get's lost in the storm.

Then those gentle, soft winds and sun start shining through. Your leaf begin's to leave that stormy period, and is flying towards some good things, better things.

Life is extremely difficult. You make it what you want it to be. I'm definitely preaching to the preacher, but the older that I get. The more differently I look at life, and everything in general. Yes there are times were I have those really BAD days, and it takes me awhile to get out of that "rut".

I hope your leaf is flying ever so gentle, exploring and enjoying life. If you are in the "stormy period" keep your head up, try to be positive. Live your life to the fullest!!!


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