Monday, January 4, 2010

My New Year Resolutions......

Okay so here I go. Im glad that im blogging now. So all of my resolutions are recorded. hehe.

1. Try to think positive more.
2. Workout on the weekends. Join a local gym. Get my body ready for Aruba in May!
3. I want to read more. I dont at all really. Maybe even hit up some coffee shops on the weekends
4. Cut drinking alcohol out to a minimum. 2-3 times a month.
5. Come up with some activities to do with DH during the winter
6. Try and see my sisters more often
7. Have some girl time atleast once a month
8. Cook actual meals more :O)
9. Be more assertive on cleaning. ie-put my clothes away as soon as I take them off. Do alot more up keep cleaning....
10. Try not to get defensive when DH or anyone talks to me about something, take it as constructive critisism
11. Move out of our townhouse and find a home!
12. Take better care of my car.
13. Lose 15 pounds....

Thats all I can really think of right now.... :O)

1 comment:

SunkissedK said...

You're crazy girl! You don't need to lose 15lbs! Then we will be looking for you because you'll be near invisible!
I like the other resolutions though!! ;)